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My 30 Hour Search Ends Here

I bought this software after reading endlessly for about 30 hours to find anything like this software. This seemed to be the best and with such a great deal i couldn’t help myself. Now boom I’ve recovered just about every password needed. Thank you.

Andrew Martin, USA

Forgotten Facebook Password

Your software (Facebook Password Pro) has helped me to get back my Facebook password which I had forgotten after my long vacation. Thank you XenArmor for the great software.

Bibby Lauchier, Canada

Recovered My Lost Password

Got my website password instantly which I had forgotten as it was not visited regularly. Perfect software by XenArmor to recover your lost passwords.

Takashi Yoshida, Japan

Recover from Client’s Computer

Many times it has helped me to instantly recover passwords from my client’s computer with just a click of button. This software must be in the toolbox of any forensic or pentesting professional.

David Morgan, United Kingdom

Thanks Browser Password Pro Software

It was several days that I tried to open my mail (gmail) but unfortunately someone had stolen and modified it. So impossible to recover it via Google. A friend suggested “BrowserPasswordRecovery” to me and, as if by magic, all the passwords used on my computer appeared, well 671!

Francesca Battuello, Italy

Manage All SSL Certificates in One Click

Thanks to NetCertScanner. We are able to manage all our SSL certificates in one click and avoid loss of authentication services.

Weber Christophe, Switzerland

Saved Me Many Hours

I was using SmartFTP to manage lot of my FTP accounts. However after upgrade to Windows 10, it stopped working and I could not access any of my FTP account/passwords.

Thankfully, I found XenArmor FTP Password Recovery Pro who has a simple and inexpensive program that allowed me to extract all the numerous account names, servers, usernames and passwords instantly. It would have taken many hours otherwise. It saved me many hours – thanks XenArmor!

Aaron Murakami, USA

Very Useful Program

I used Browser Password Pro and is a very useful program. Best of all, it gets you out of trouble if you forget any password that is stored in the browser. Thanks a lot XenArmor for making it 🙂

Calin Paul, Spain

Found Software License Keys in Seconds

Thanks to All in one Key Finder. It found all my software license keys in few seconds. Now I don’t have to worry about losing any key.

Jacob Baxter, Australia

Got All My Emails Back !!!

I received the right version and I’m so exited to have my old email back. Thank you so much for providing such good software. if i need any other software, you are the guys I buy it from.

Alexander Schenkels, Belgium

Great Asterisk Password Finder Software

I was trying to find password behind ***** box. Your Asterisk Password Pro got it for me just like that. Great software to quickly find any password.

Nasser Abdullah, United Arab Emirates

Your Software is Absolutely Brilliant

I have a habit of forgetting passwords for sites and I couldn’t find my IE passwords. Your software is absolutely brilliant and fast. I’m very impressed!

Ian Booth, Germany

Recovered Gmail Password Like Magic

After coming back from vacation, I had forgotten my Gmail password. I tried your Google Password Recovery Pro & it found password instantly like magic 🙂

Dinesh Rao, India

Found Outlook Password

I had forgotten my Outlook password. Finally I have downloaded your software and it recovered the password in seconds. Thank you!!!

Adam Olivier, France

Best PDF Password Remover Software

After testing similar products, I found your PDF Password Remover Pro to be the best one. Especially, portable version and ability to remove passwords of all PDFs in folder.

Richard Helmer, South Africa

Better Than Any Competitor

Thank you so much!!! I love this product! Many times better than any competitor. Fast, easy to install and use. Nice work folks!

Ken Barnes, USA

Easily Block All Social Networks

Thanks to Social Media Blocker. Now I can easily block/unblock all social networks secretly without my kids knowing it 🙂 Very easy to use and no program/plugin running in background.

Lee Seung-ho, South Korea

Lost WiFi Password Found

I forgot my Wi-Fi router password. Using your software (WiFi Password Pro) I got it back instantly. Thank you XenArmor.

Patrick Bentley, Brazil

Automatically Password Protect PDF Files

We have to regularly send confidential PDF files to our customers. PDF Password Protector Pro turned out to be great choice. Now we can easily & automatically password protect PDF files using command-line version.

Aaron Zahavi, Israel

Block Any Website in One Click

Now I can block any website easily in one click. And unblock it any time with another click. It is secret, no one knows who is blocking it 🙂

Tian Wang, China

Find Expiring SSL Certificates Easily

We wanted to find all expiring SSL Certificates in our servers. Thanks to NetCertScanner, in few seconds it found all our certificates including expiring ones & showing in red color.

Edwin Rose, Netherlands

Found Windows Product Key

I was searching for my lost Windows key. Finally, I found your All-In-One Key Finder Pro and got my Windows key back instantly. Also found lot of other softwares CD keys also. Highly recommended.

Umar Khalil, Egypt

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