Your Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact you?

You can write to us directly through online form here
or you can also email us at contact@xenarmor.com
You can also quickly ping us via Live Chat. All email & offline chat queries will be responded within 24-48 business hours.

How can I trust you?

Here are key reasons why our customers trust us

  • XenArmor is the security group company (XenArmor Global Security Solutions Pvt Ltd) that has been around for more than 12+ years and released over 250+ free as well as enterprise softwares which are used by more than 25 million users worldwide.
  • Your orders & payments will be processed by our e-commerce partners FastSpring USA, MyCommerce Share-It, USA or PayProGlobal, USA. They are popular e-commerce companies with decades of experience in assuring 100% secure transactions and are verified with trust certificates from “Norton Secured”, “TLS Secure” etc.

I forgot my password? can your software help me to recover it?

If you have lost or forgot your password (Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Email etc) then please check our Password Recovery articles. These articles will show you multiple ways to recover your password. Also you can download our Password Softwares here.

I want to hack password? can you help me?

Sorry, we do not help in hacking others password. If you forgot your own password then here are our password recovery articles and password recovery softwares that can help you.

How do I receive weekly newsletters?

You can receive all our latest software releases, updates and special offers by subscribing to our newsletter here.
We usually send newsletter once or twice a week.

How do I follow you on Facebook/Twitter?

Social Networks are the best way to get to know all our daily software updates or offers.
You can click here to follow us on all popular social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest etc

How to unsubscribe from newsletter/updates?

In your received email, simply click on unsubscribe link at the bottom.
If it still does not work just contact us with your email.


Software & Installation

I want to know how to use this software?

You can visit our Software User Guides section here to know everything about your software.

I have more technical queries, where can i get help?

No worries. Please write to us at support@xenarmor.com with your detailed technical queries.
Our tech support team will be happy to help you.

Does your software work on MAC?

All our softwares work only on Windows platform.

Does your software work on Linux?

All our softwares work only on Windows platform.

Does your software work on all version of Windows?

Most of our softwares work on both 32-bit/64-bit versions of Windows.Below are the supported Windows version details,
Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2016/2012/2011/2008/2003 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Please check on the order page for specific version details.

Does your software work on mobile (Android/iPhone)?

All our softwares work only on Windows platform.

I am confused about which software to buy, can you help?

Yes, we provide free technical consultation. Please write to us support@xenarmor.com and we will be happy to help you.

We are looking for more features or custom software development?

For special feature requests for your software or custom software development, you can write to us at support@xenarmor.com.
Our tech support team will get in touch with you for more details.

I am getting problem during Installation, what to do?

If you are seeing any error during installation then please follow the steps below,

  • Close the installation (also close any installer related process) and retry again
  • If that does not work, restart the computer and re-run the installation

If problem is still there then please write to us support@xenarmor.com

I have installed paid/full version but when I run Trial version is showing. What to do?

This typically happens if you have not uninstalled Trial version before installing paid version.Make sure you are clicking on shortcut (in desktop/start menu) of full version.

If that does not help then please uninstall both full & trial version and re-install only full version.

My Antivirus is preventing from installation or running of software. What to do?

This is common False positive problem with antivirus solutions. Please let us know the name of your antivirus and our downloaded software. We will check with Antivirus vendor.

Also check your download with online VirusTotal Scanner to make sure it is really false positive or infected with virus.If you are unsure then please contact us before proceeding further.

If it is false positive, then here are two solutions for you to get the software working. Easy way is to disable antivirus for some time and then download/install/run our software.Second solution is to add our software to white list of your antivirus and then it will not complain.

How do I know about my software updates or future releases etc?

Best way to know about our regular software updates/new releases is to subscribe to newsletter here  or follow us on social network here

You can always contact our support team to get the latest update.

Order & Support

Where do I download Trial or Demo Version?

We provide free trial/demo version for all our softwares. You can download all softwares here

What are limitations of trial version?

Trial version works for 7 days only. It typically has all the features of full version unless stated otherwise.
However password related trial softwares show only first 2 characters of the recovered password. Also for Enterprise edition, command-line options are disabled in trial version.

How do I know if my order is secure or trusted?

All your orders will be processed by our e-commerce partners FastSpring USA, MyCommerce Share-It USA, or PayProGlobal, USA.

They are popular e-commerce companies with decades of experience in assuring 100% secure transactions and are verified with trust certificates from “Norton Secured”, “TLS Secure” etc.

What are the supported Payment methods?

Our e-commerce store supports all standard payment options including major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, purchase order etc.  For Purchase Order (PO), please send us request to support@xenarmor.com & our team will enable it for you.

For more options please see the question (in red color) on multiple Payment options below

My order has failed or I am unable to complete my order. Do you have any other solution?

No worries. If you are not able to complete your order then we have 4 different Payment options for you.
Please check the answer below to see all payment options.

Do you have any other Payment Store options?

You can order your software on any of our 3 E-commerce stores or directly pay via PayPal, Bitcoin.

  1. FastSpring USA
  2. MyCommerce Share-It, Europe
  3. PayPro Global, USA
  4. PayPal, USA
  5. BitCoin via BitPay, USA

By default, you will be taken to one of our E-commerce store. If for some reason it does not work then you can try other payment store as shown below.

To order your software using other payment method,

    • Visit our Online Store, scroll down to your software and then click on Buy Now button
    • Now you are on the Order page. Here just below the Buy Now button, click on the link“Click here for more payment options like …”
    • You will be taken to all payment store page as shown below


How my order will be delivered? Do I get software in CD/DVD?

All our orders are delivered electronically, we do not provide CD/DVD.
You will find software download link & license key on the final order completion page.
You will also receive email with download link & license key within few minutes of order completion.

How long does it take to deliver order?

You will receive your download/license key within few minutes of completion of your order.

If not received, please check your spam folder or contact us at support@xenarmor.com and our team will send you download link/license key.

Is the price inclusive of Taxes/VAT etc

The price shown on XenArmor website does not include any taxes. Our e-commerce partner will collect the taxes (VAT) based on your country.

Where do I get invoice for my order?

On completion of order, you will automatically receive invoice to your email.Please check spam/promotions folder also.
You can also contact MyCommerce Share-it Support or PayPro support (based on where you have purchased) to get invoice and other details of your order.

I have ordered software but not received Download Link or License Key?

Please check your email (spam or promotions folder). Generally you will receive email within few minutes of your order completion. On rare cases, it may take 10-15 minutes due to network/traffic conditions.

If you still haven’t got it then no worries.  Just write to us at support@xenarmor.com with your order details and we will send you software & license key in 24 business hours.

I have lost the downloaded software. How do I download the software again?

Anytime you can directly contact our our support center with order details and our team will send you the software/license key.

I have queries regarding TAX or VAT refund etc

Please contact MyCommerce Share-It or PayPro support team (based on where you have purchased) for all your TAX or VAT refund related queries.

I want to order more softwares, do you offer any discount?

Yes, we offer exclusive discount to all our existing customers on their next orders.
To get your discount coupon, please write to us support@xenarmor.com with your previous order details.

Do you provide dedicated support for customers?

Yes, all our customers receive Priority Support.  You can contact us via our support center or Live Chat or directly write to us support@xenarmor.com

Even if your support is expired, you can contact us for any of your technical queries.

My support plan expired, how do I renew it?

Support plan is attached to the product itself. You can just order latest version of your product and you will get free support (6 months to 1 year) automatically.
Please note all our softwares (unless stated otherwise) have lifetime license. Support plan is required mainly to get priority support & regular updates.
Also we offer exclusive discount for all our existing customers. So before placing your order please write to us support@xenarmor.com


License Activation

How do I activate my license?

After you have installed software, just launch it and you will see the activation screen as shown below,

Here enter your email (used for ordering software) and license key to activate your software.

I am getting License Activation error, what should I do?

If you are getting license activation error then please check following,

  • Make sure you are connected to Internet and website https://xenarmor.com is reachable
  • Please do not type license key. Always copy/paste your email & license key in the Activation Screen
  • Enter email which you have used for ordering the software
  • For the first time, it may take few minutes for license details to get updated on our servers. Please try again after 10-15 minutes.

If the problem still occurs then write to us at support@xenarmor.com with your license details.

I have lost my License key, how do I get it back?

No worries. Please contact our support center or directly write to us at support@xenarmor.com with your order details.



Refund Policy

Do you provide Refund?

Almost all of our softwares are covered under 30 Day Money back guarantee.  

If a certain product is not covered then 30 day guarantee will not be mentioned on order page or pricing table.

Always we recommend downloading & testing free Trial Version before ordering the software. Also if you are not clear about something our support team can help you to make right decision.

What are the accepted circumstances for Refunds?

Here are common cases where refunds are approved,

  • You have ordered wrong software from Xenarmor and you want to order different software from us.
  • Software failed to run on your computer despite help from our technical support team.
  • Password is stored in your computer (browsers/mail clients/other apps) but our software is unable to recover. Proof is needed.

What are the unaccepted circumstances for Refunds?

Here are the unaccepted circumstances for Refunds,

  • You purchased our software then changed your mind
  • You purchased our software and then you want to buy/bought it from another website
  • You have requested refund for technical issues in software but refused to provide any details or get assistance from our support team
  • For password recovery softwares, if your password is not recovered because password was not stored in browsers/email clients/other apps etc.
  • You failed to receive software/license key or License activation error. But you did not try to contact us.
  • For Unlimited Editions there is no refund, please download & verify using Enterprise Edition before ordering it

Why all the orders are not refundable?

Though we try to approve all genuine refunds, but unfortunately we cannot refund certain orders.For example in case of password recovery softwares, person can recover the passwords and then claim for refund.
That is why we recommend you to try downloading free Trial Version before ordering full version.

How to request for Refund?

Before you proceed to claim refund, please contact our support team for any technical/license issues else refund may not be approved.

We follow the industry standard process for software refund. Here are the steps below to request for refund,

  • Download & fill this refund request form.
  • Once completed, sign & send the scanned copy to support@xenarmor.com within 30 days of purchase.
  • Next it will go through our Refund approval committee (if not approved previously) which may ask for more details if necessary.

Our refund committee makes sure all genuine cases are refunded.

How long does it take for Refund?

Once your refund is approved, it may take around 3-5 business days for processing your refund.

Can you give refund via cheque or wire transfer?

We provide refund only via the way you have ordered. If you have ordered using FastSpring, MyCommerce Share-It, PayPro Global, PayPal or Bitcoin then refund will be issued through the same channel.

Please contact us with your order details via our support center or directly write to us support@xenarmor.com and our team will help you.