Network SSL Certificate Scanner   2020 Edition

Enterprise software to quickly find all the expiring, self-signed, vulnerable, hidden SSL certificates

Do you want to quickly find expiring or expired SSL certificates?

If so Network SSL Certificate Scanner can help you to quickly find all the expiring, self-signed, vulnerable SSL certificates in your network. Free download now to check it out

  • SSL Scan: find all expiring/expired SSL certificates
  • Scan Network: one click scan of whole network (256*256 Hosts or *.*.0.0/16)
  • Fast Scan: multi-threaded network scan ends in few minutes
  • File Scan: scan IP/domain list from file
  • Custom Port Scan: find SSL services on non-standard port
  • Hidden SSL Discovery: find any rogue SSL services
  • Online Analysis: perform deep SSL certificate analysis
  • SSL Security Analysis: detect self-signed, hidden & vulnerable certs
  • Automation: schedule SSL scans periodically
  • Email Report: auto deliver each scan report to your email
  • Command-line: easily run from your scripts
  • Database Store: auto store scan results to database
  • Automation: schedule MAC IP scans periodically
  • Scan Report: Save report to HTML,CSV,XML,JSON,SQLite file
  • Portable Unlimited Edition: run from USB (see below)
  • Supports All Windows: Works on all from XP to Windows 10
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Differences between Regular and Unlimited Edition of
Network SSL Certificate Scanner

Key Parameters Personal/Enterprise Edition Unlimited Portable Edition
Number of Licenses 1-5 PCs Unlimited PCs
License Activation Needed Every Computer One Time
No Installation Needed
100% Portable Software
Run from USB Disk
Provide Service for Your Clients
Software Offer Price $49.95 - $199.95
$299  $1999
Free Download

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Only $49.95

Find Expired or Vulnerable SSL Certificates in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1:  Install the Software


Step 2:  Scan the Network in one click


Step 3:  Save SSL Report to File


Fix Your SSL Certificates Before Expiry

NetCertScanner helps you to find and manage your SSL Certificates months before they expire. This will ensure that you have enough time to renew and install new SSL certificates so that your customers/visitors never experience interrupted service or that warning sign when they visit your website.

Full Automation with Email Notification

New 2019 edition helps you to save your precious time by fully Automating your daily/weekly SSL certificate scanning with detailed SSL report delivered to your email

SSL Security Analysis Report

Performs deep SSL security analysis of every SSL certificate to find Expired, Expiring Soon, Self-Signed & Vulnerable SSL certificates shown in multi-coloured report.

Automatic Database Store

Latest NetCertScanner edition presents new Automatic Database Store feature helping you to store every SSL Scan results to Database automatically without the need for installation or setup of any Third party Database Servers. This makes it perfect tool for Auditing !!!

Key Features & Benefits for You

Here are some of the key features & benefits of NetCertScanner that makes it stand apart from the rest

Universal SSL Certificate Scanner

Support all types of SSL services like HTTPS, LDAPS, POP3S, SMTPS, FTPS etc


Save time by fully Automating SSL Scan with all results stored in database


Finish the SSL Scan in minutes with our 'Host-Port Multiplexed Multithreading' technique

Email SSL Scan Report

Get full report of SSL scan delivered to your email

Portable Unlimited PCs

run on unlimited PCs directly from USB disk without installation or activation

SSL Security Analysis

Easily detect Expired, Self-Signed & Vulnerable SSL certificates

Multi-Colored Display

Shows SSL Scan Results in Multi-colors for Quick Identification of Problems


Save time using File based Domain/IP List scanning of known hosts


Store every SSL scan results to database automatically (no setup)

Command-line Version

Great for Automation and to Integrate within your Scripts

One Click Network Scan

Perform SSL Scan of Your Network (256*256 Hosts or *.*.0.0/16) in one go

Hidden SSL Discovery

Custom Brute-force Port Scan to find Hidden SSL Services run by Hackers

Perfect for Auditing

Perform Auditing Anytime with Local Database having all SSL Scan Results

SSL with SNI Support

Get SSL certificate for domains/websites on shared IP address


Generate complete SSL scan report in HTML, CSV, XML or JSON format

Screenshots of NetCertScanner


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Network SSL Certificate Scanner   2020 Edition

Enterprise software to quickly find all the expiring,self-signed,vulnerable,hidden SSL certificates

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Only $49.95