All-In-One Key Finder Pro Commandline  2022 Edition

Unlimited Edition

Command-line based Fully Portable All-In-One License Key Finder Software


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Do you want to instantly recover ALL license keys?
or are you looking for portable Key Recovery tool to run from USB or your program?

If so All-In-One Key Finder Pro Commandline can help you to recover CD keys of 15,000+ softwares by running it from USB or your program. Check out the video below.

  • Support Total Key Recovery of 15,000+ popular softwares & Games  new
  • Powered by both “Instant Key Recovery” & “Smart Registry Scan”
  • New “Smart Registry Scan” to find keys of 8000+ softwares   new
  • Instant & 100% accurate key recovery of 7000+ softwares (full list)
  • Find product keys of all Windows PC & Server editions
  • Recover CD keys of Office, Visual Studio, SQL Server & more
  • Recover full key & email of all XenArmor softwares
  • Recover keys from Registry File, Windows Folder, External Disk & Remote Computer
  • 100% Command-line: run from your script/program
  • 100% Portable: directly run from USB
  • Forensics-Ready: No registry or file footprints
  • Automation: Easily automate key recovery
  • Backup Keys: Save keys to HTML,CSV,XML,JSON,SQLite file
  • Unlimited PCs License: Run on multiple PCs without installation
  • Commercial License: provide recovery service for your clients
  • Supports All Windows: Works from XP to Windows 11  new
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Note: Since this is Unlimited Portable Edition there is no Trial download. For testing license key recovery features please watch this video or  Download GUI version of All-In-One Key Finder Pro

Differences between Unlimited GUI & Command-line Edition of
All-In-One Key Finder Pro

Key Parameters GUI Edition Command-line
Number of Licenses Unlimited PCs Unlimited PCs
Software Type GUI Software Command-line
Recover All License Keys of 1300+ Apps
Recover from External Drives/Registry Files
Settings Panel to fine tune license key recovery options
Command-line Parameter Options Output File only (see here) All Advanced Options (see here)
License Activation Needed First Time First Time
100% Portable (No Installation)
Run from USB Disk
Package within Other Software
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Recover All Your License Keys from Unlimited PCs

Recover from Local Computer


Recover from Remote Computer


Recover from External Disk


Instant Key Recovery of 7000+ Popular Softwares

Here are the main Microsoft product keys recovered (see full list here),

  • Microsoft Windows 11,10,8,7,Vista,XP, Windows Server 2022,2019,2016,2012,2008,2003
  • Microsoft Office 2021,2019,2016,2013,2010,2007,2005,XP
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Plus!
  • Microsoft Picture It!
  • Microsoft Communicator
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
  • Windows Defender

Note:  For Office 2016-2022, only last 5 digits of license keys are stored

Apart from Microsoft, it also finds license keys of 7000+ popular softwares using “Instant Key Recovery” method. Click below to see the complete list of softwares

List of 7200+ Keys Recovered by All-In-One Key Finder Pro Commandline

Find License Keys of 15000+ Softwares

With just a click of button you can recover all the lost license keys of over 15,000 popular softwares & games using both “Instant Key Recovery” & “Smart Registry Scan”

Run on Unlimited PCs Without Installation

Unlimited License allows you to directly run it on any number of computers without any installation or activation every time.

Recover License Keys from Remote Computer

Command-line Edition (portability & small size) makes it easy to remotely recover license keys from any computer in your network

Perfect Toolkit for All Security Professionals

Fully Portable & Forensics-Ready makes this software perfect for all security professionals including penetration testers, law enforcement agencies, forensics & cyber crime investigators.

Key Features & Benefits for You

Recover Keys of 15,000+ Softwares

Find lost license keys of over 15,000 popular softwares & games


100% accurate & direct CD key recovery of 7000+ softwares


Fast optimized scanner to quickly find all keys from Windows Registry


Find all activation keys from External Disk of another PC or laptop


Find license CD keys directly from Registry Hive File of another OS

Recover from Remote PC

Recover license keys from any computer in your network

100% Portable

Run on any computer directly without any installation or activation


Ideal for Forensic Ops without leaving any Registry or File Footprints

Run on Unlimited PCs

License to run on Unlimited PCs for commercial as well as third party service

License Key Report

Backup or save license key report in HTML/CSV/JSON/XML/SQLite file


Command-line version to fully customize key recovery options for automation


Works on all 32-bit & 64-bit platforms from Windows XP to new Windows 11

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All-In-One Key Finder Pro Commandline  2022 Edition

Unlimited Edition

Command-line based Fully Portable All-In-One License Key Recovery Software

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GUI Edition

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$999  Only $149