All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline

Unlimited 2022 Edition

Command-line based Fully Portable All-In-One Password Recovery Software


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This is Unlimited Command-line edition of our popular All-In-One Password Pro software to help you recover ALL your passwords in few seconds. Being fully portable & forensics ready, makes it invaluable tool for all security professionals.

  • Recover All Type Passwords: Website, Email, Social Network, FTP, VPN, Wi-Fi etc
  • Recover from 210+ Apps: Supports 210+ popular apps (see list below) new
  • ‘Registry Password Scanner’: Find all stored passwords from Registry new
  • Recover Web Passwords: Supports 70+ Browsers new
  • Recover Email Passwords: Supports 15+ top Email clients
  • Recover FTP Passwords: Supports 40+ FTP clients
  • Recover IM Passwords: Supports 15+ Chat Messengers
  • Recover Database Passwords: Supports 20+ Database Managers
  • Recover Wi-Fi Passwords: Supports WEP,WPA,WPA2,WPA3 passwords
  • Recover All Other Passwords: Messenger, Downloader, Remote Desktop, VPN & more new
  • Recover All User Passwords: Auto recover from All users for Mozilla based apps new
  • Advanced Customization: Select password types to recover (see examples here)
  • 100% Command-line: run from your script/program
  • 100% Portable: run directly from USB
  • Forensics-Ready: No registry or file footprints
  • Automation: Easily automate password recovery
  • Backup Passwords: Save passwords to HTML,CSV,XML,JSON,SQLite file
  • Unlimited PCs License: Run on multiple PCs without installation
  • Commercial License: provide recovery service for your clients
  • Supports All Windows: Works on all from XP to Windows 11 new

“Our 10+ Years of Research Work into One Masterpiece for You”

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Note: As it is Unlimited Edition, there is no Trial Download. For testing password recovery features, please watch video below or Download GUI version of All-In-One Password Pro.

Differences between Unlimited GUI & Command-line Edition of
All-In-One Password Recovery Pro

Key Parameters GUI Edition Command-line
Number of Licenses Unlimited PCs Unlimited PCs
Software Type GUI Software Command-line
Recover All Passwords from 210+ Apps
Recover from Custom Profile Locations
Settings Panel to fine password recovery options
Command-line Parameter Options Output File only (see here) All Advanced Options (see here)
License Activation Needed One Time One Time
100% Portable (No Installation)
Run from USB Disk
Package within Other Software
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Recover All Your Passwords from Unlimited PCs

Command-line Options & Examples


Recovering All Passwords in Seconds


Save Passwords to File


Recover All Type of Passwords

  •  Website Login Passwords
  •  Email Login Passwords
  •  Social Network Passwords
  •  Messenger Login Passwords
  •  Download Manager Passwords
  •  FTP Login Passwords
  •  Router Passwords
  •  Database Manager Passwords
  •  Remote Desktop Passwords
  •  Windows VPN & Dilaup Passwords
  •  Wi-Fi (WEP,WPA,WPA2,WPA3) Passwords
  •  Windows Credential Manager Passwords

Recover All Your Passwords from

Top Browsers, Email Clients,  FTP Clients, Messengers, Download Managers, Databases, Remote Desktops etc

Top Email Clients

  1. Microsoft Outlook (2021,2019,2016,2013,2010,2007,2003,XP)
  2. Outlook Express
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird
  4. Mailbird
  5. IncrediMail
  6. Becky
  7. Claws Mail
  8. eM Client
  9. FossaMail
  10. Foxmail
  11. Gmail Notifier
  12. Opera Mail
  13. Mail Commander
  14. Poco Mail
  15. Postbox
  16. The Bat!
  17. Windows Mail
  18. Windows Live Mail

Top Instant Messengers

  1. Trillian
  2. Paltalk
  3. Google Talk
  4. Nimbuzz Messenger
  5. Spark IM
  6. Beyluxe Messenger
  7. Digsby IM
  8. Garena Messenger (hash)
  9. IMVU Messenger
  10. Instantbird
  11. MSN Messenger
  12. Miranda IM
  13. Myspace IM
  14. Pidgin Messenger
  15. Windows Live Messenger
  16. XFire Messenger (hash)
  17. Yahoo! Messenger

Top FTP Clients

  1. FileZilla
  2. SmartFTP
  3. Cyberduck
  4. WS_FTP
  5. Core FTP
  6. 32bitFTP
  7. Alt Commander
  8. Alftp
  9. AutoFTP Pro
  10. BitKinex
  11. Bulletproof FTP
  12. CoffeeCup FreeFTP
  13. CoffeeCup DirectFTP
  14. CuteFTP
  15. Classic FTP
  16. Directory Opus
  17. Dreamweaver
  18. EmFTP
  19. ExpanDrive
  20. FileZilla Server
  21. FlashFXP
  22. FlingFTP
  23. Free Commander
  24. Frigate
  25. FTPCommander
  26. FTP Explorer
  27. FTP Control
  28. FTP Navigator
  29. FFFTP
  30. FTPRush
  31. Global Downloader
  32. LeapFTP
  33. Multi Commander
  34. Putty Connection Manager
  35. RazorSQL (FTP)
  36. SoftX FTPClient
  37. sFTP
  38. SuperPuTTY
  39. Total Commander
  40. Turbo FTP
  41. WebDrive
  42. Web Site Publisher
  43. WinSCP
  44. XFTP
  45. XShell

Wi-Fi Passwords

  1. WEP
  2. WPA
  3. WPA2
  4. WPA3

Credential Manager Passwords

  1. Cyberduck
  2. ExpanDrive
  3. GMail Notifier
  4. Generic Credentials
  5. GoPro App
  6. Internet Explorer (Basic Auth Passwords)
  7. Microsoft Edge Browser (old version)
  8. Microsoft Outlook (old version)
  9. Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP)
  10. Network Passwords
  11. VMWare (Windows 11 TPM Encryption Password)
  12. Windows Live Messenger

All Other Windows Apps

  1. Advanced Installer
  2. Cisco Router
  3. DLink Router
  4. DVDFab
  5. DynDNS
  6. Full Tilt Poker
  7. Juniper Router
  8. Media Monkey
  9. OpenVPN
  10. Poker Stars
  11. RealVNC
  12. TightVNC
  13. TigerVNC
  14. UltraVNC
  15. VNC
  16. Windows Auto Logon Password
  17. Windows VPN & Dialup Passwords

Top Web Browsers

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Microsoft Edge (old & new)
  5. Opera Browser
  6. 7Star Browser
  7. Atom Browser
  8. Amigo Browser
  9. Apple Safari
  10. Avant Browser
  11. Avast Secure Browser
  12. AVG Secure Browser
  13. BlackHawk Browser
  14. Basilisk Browser
  15. Bittube Browser
  16. Blisk Browser
  17. Brave Browser
  18. CentBrowser
  19. Chedot Browser
  20. CCleaner Browser
  21. Chrome Canary Browser
  22. Chromium Browser
  23. Citrio Browser
  24. Cliqz Browser
  25. CryptoTab Browser
  26. CoolNovo Browser
  27. Coc Coc Browser
  28. Comodo Dragon
  29. Comodo IceDragon
  30. Coowon Browser>
  31. Cyberfox Browser
  32. Elements Browser
  33. Epic Privacy Browser
  34. Falkon (QupZilla)
  35. Flock Browser
  36. Ghost Browser
  37. Green Browser
  38. HissenIT Browser (master pass)
  39. IceCat Browser
  40. Insomniac Browser
  41. Iridium Browser
  42. K-Meleon Browser
  43. Kinza Browser
  44. Kometa Browser
  45. Maxthon Browser
  46. Mustang Browser
  47. Netbox Browser
  48. Opera GX Browser
  49. Opera Neon Browser
  50. Opera Crypto Browser
  51. Orbitum Browser
  52. Pale Moon Browser
  53. Pirate Browser
  54. QQ Browser
  55. SalamWeb Browser
  56. SeaMonkey Browser
  57. Sidekick Browser
  58. Sleipnir Browser
  59. SlimBrowser
  60. Slimjet Browser
  61. Sputnik Browser
  62. SRWare Iron Browser
  63. Superbird Browser
  64. Swing Browser
  65. Tor Browser
  66. Torch Browser
  67. UC Browser
  68. UR Browser
  69. Uran Browser
  70. Viasat Browser
  71. Vivaldi Browser
  72. Waterfox Current Browser
  73. Waterfox Classic Browser
  74. Whale Browser

Top Database Managers

  1. AnySQL Code Factory
  2. AnySQL Maestro
  3. ASA Code Factory
  4. ASA Maestro
  5. DB2 Code Factory
  6. DB2 Maestro
  7. Firebird Code Factory
  8. Firebird Maestro
  9. FlameRobin
  10. MaxDB Code Factory
  11. MaxDB Maestro
  12. MSSQL Code Factory
  13. MSSQL Maestro
  14. MySQL Code Factory
  15. MySQL Query Browser
  16. MySQL Maestro
  17. Oracle Code Factory
  18. Oracle Maestro
  19. PostgreSQL Code Factory
  20. PostgreSQL Maestro
  21. RazorSQL
  22. SQLite Code Factory
  23. SQLite Maestro

Top Download Managers

  1. BitComet
  2. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
  3. EagleGet
  4. FlashGet
  5. Free Download Manager (FDM)
  6. Internet Download Manager (IDM)
  7. JDownloader
  8. Mass Downloader
  9. Mipony Downloader
  10. Orbit Downloader
  11. uGet Download Manager
  12. Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)

Note:Above apps list does not include passwords recovered by new ‘Registry Password Scanner’

For more details on all the key features with screenshots, please check out Online User Guide

Recover All Your Passwords in Seconds

Quickly recover all your passwords from 200+ popular Windows apps without worrying about where the passwords are saved or how it is encrypted

New “Registry Password Scanner” Method

Fast & optimized registry scanner to quickly find passwords from current user, other users & system registry locations

Perfect Toolkit for All Security Professionals

Fully Portable & Forensics-Ready makes this software perfect for all security professionals including penetration testers, law enforcement agencies, forensics & cyber crime investigators.

Recover Passwords from Remote Computer

Command-line Version (portability & small size) helps you to remotely recover passwords from any computer using tools like PsExec

Key Features & Benefits for You


Recover Email, Social, Website, Messenger, Downloader, Database, FTP, WiFi Passwords


Recover all your passwords from 210+ popular apps in seconds


Fast optimized scanner to quickly find all passwords from Windows Registry


Support password recovery from both 32-bit & 64-bit applications


Auto recover passwords from all user accounts for Mozilla based apps

Automation of Recovery

Easily automate password recovery operation using Task Scheduler

100% Portable

Run on any Computer directly without Installation or Registration


Ideal for Forensic Ops without leaving any Registry or File Footprints

Command-line Version

Easily run from your scripts with fully customizable recovery options


License to run on Unlimited PCs for commercial as well as third party service

Save Passwords to File

Backup all recovered passwords to HTML, CSV, XML, JSON or SQLite file


Works on all 32-bit & 64-bit platforms from Windows XP to new Windows 11

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All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline

Unlimited 2022 Edition

Command-line based Fully Portable All-In-One Password Recovery Software

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$1999 Only $449