XenArmor Refund Policy

Your Trusted Security Partner

As an enterprise security software company, XenArmor is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support to ensure that our customer are fully satisfied with our enterprise products.

All XenArmor softwares have Trial Version which can be downloaded free of charge. Prior to purchase, we recommend downloading Trial Version to verify all the features to your satisfaction. If you have any queries or need help, you can reach out to XenArmor Support Team.

XenArmor follows International Industry Standard practice for software refund. All the XenArmor softwares are covered under 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Any refund requests can be sent to XenArmor Support Team and you can expect response within 24 working hours.

Acceptable Circumstances for Refund

Here are practical cases where refund is approved,

  • Ordered same software twice
  • Ordered two different editions of the same software
  • Ordered wrong software and want to exchange it with another software from XenArmor.
  • Software failed to work despite help from our technical support team.
  • For Password recovery softwares, password is stored on the computer but software is unable to recover it. (proof is needed)
  • For Key recovery softwares, license key is stored on the computer but software couldn’t find it. (proof is needed)

Unacceptable Circumstances for Refund

Here are the special cases where refund is not possible,

  • Customer made the refund request after 30 days of the purchase
  • Change of mind by customer after purchase of software
  • Customer wants to buy/bought similar software from another company
  • Customer is successfully using the purchased software already
  • Customer did not get license key or unable to activate software but did not contact XenArmor Support Team
  • Customer requested refund on technical issues but did not provide any details or seek help from XenArmor Support Team
  • For password/key recovery softwares, refund is not possible after activation. Because any one can recover password/key successfully and claim for refund
  • For Unlimited Editions, refund is not possible after activation because it comes with One time-Life time activation

As a best practice, before purchasing, please download & verify using Trial Version or check with XenArmor Support Team.

Refund Processing Time & Charges

Refund requests will be responded within 24 working hours by our support team.
Unless under non-refundable circumstances mentioned above, refund request will be typically processed within 48-72 working hours.

Also there are no refund charges or fees. Once approved, 100% money will be refunded.

Refund Request Process

Prior to requesting refund, please contact XenArmor Support Team for any technical/license issues else refund may not be approved.

XenArmor follows the Software Industry Standard practice for processing of refund.

Here are the simple steps to request for refund,

  • Please download & fill this Refund Request Form
  • Once completed, please sign & send the scanned copy to support@xenarmor.com
  • Next XenArmor Refund Approval Team will go through it and (if not approved already) may ask for any necessary details
  • Once approved, refund will be processed within 48-72 working hours

XenArmor Refund Team ensures that all genuine customer cases are refunded.

Being an enterprise software company, XenArmor places the utmost importance on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers and we strive to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and reliability.


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