User Guide – All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline 2020

User Guide - All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline 2020



XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline is the  command-line edition of our popular All-In-One Password Pro software to help you recover ALL your passwords in few seconds.

Now Unlimited Lifetime License with Fully Portable & Forensics-ready feature helps you to run it on any number of PCs without installation or license activation, making it ideal tool for System Administrators, penetration testers, law enforcement agencies, forensics & cyber crime investigators.


Here are the main benefits for you,

  • Unlimited PCs License: Run on Unlimited Computers without any Installation
  • One Time License Activation: New Portable License need first time license activation only
  • Command-line Edition: Run from any Scripts or Package within Your Software or USB (small size ~1 MB)
  • Recover All Passwords: Website Logins, Email, Messenger, Social, FTP, Downloader, Database, RDP & more
  • New Chrome Recovery: Recover new master key encrypted passwords from Chrome & 15+ Chromium browsers
  • Recover passwords from top 10+ Email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird  etc
  • Recover passwords from top 25+ Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera etc
  • Recover passwords form top 15+ Messengers like Trillian, Nimbuzz, Google Talk etc
  • Recover passwords form top 20+ FTP clients like Filezilla, Smartftp, Cyberduck etc
  • Recover passwords form top 10+ Download Managers like IDM, FDM, Orbit Downloader etc
  • Recover passwords form top Remote Desktop apps like RDP, VNC, UltraVNC etc
  • Recover passwords from other Windows apps like Cisco, Juniper Router, MySQL Browser etc
  • Recover Wi-Fi (all types including WEP,WPA, WPA2, WPA3) Passwords
  • Recover Windows Credential Manager Passwords (generic type)
  • 100% Portable: Run from USB without any Installation or License Activation
  • Remote Execution: Remotely Recover Passwords from any Computer in your Network
  • Forensics-Ready: No Registry or File Footprints left on Target Computer
  • Automation: Fully Automate Password Recovery using Task Scheduler or Run via Your Scripts
  • Password Report: Save/Backup All Passwords to HTML/CSV/SQLite/XML/JSON file
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Important Note: This is not the software to hack Passwords as it can recover only your stored Passwords from applications on your computer.

Supported Applications

Current version supports password recovery from following 90+ top windows apps in various category.

Top Email Clients

  1. Microsoft Outlook (2002/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019)
  2. Outlook Express
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird
  4. Mailbird
  5. IncrediMail
  6. Windows Live Mail
  7. Opera Mail
  8. The Bat!
  9. eM Client
  10. Foxmail
  11. Postbox
  12. Claws Mail

Top Web Browsers

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Microsoft Edge (old & new)
  5. Opera Browser
  6. Apple Safari
  7. Avant Browser
  8. Brave Browser
  9. Chedot Browser
  10. CCleaner Browser
  11. Chrome Canary Browser
  12. CoolNovo Browser
  13. Coc Coc Browser
  14. Comodo Dragon
  15. Comodo IceDragon
  16. Epic Privacy Browser
  17. Falkon (QupZilla)
  18. Flock Browser
  19. Maxthon Browser
  20. Orbitum Browser
  21. QQ Browser
  22. Sleipnir Browser
  23. SRWare Iron Browser
  24. Tor Browser
  25. Torch Browser
  26. UC Browser
  27. Vivaldi Browser
  28. Waterfox Browser

Top Instant Messengers

  1. Trillian
  2. Paltalk
  3. Google Talk
  4. Nimbuzz Messenger
  5. Spark IM
  6. Beyluxe Messenger
  7. Digsby IM
  8. IMVU Messenger
  9. Instantbird
  10. MSN Messenger
  11. Miranda IM
  12. Myspace IM
  13. Pidgin Messenger
  14. Windows Live Messenger
  15. Yahoo! Messenger

Top FTP Clients

  1. FileZilla
  2. SmartFTP
  3. Cyberduck
  4. WS_FTP
  5. Core FTP
  6. AutoFTP Pro
  7. BitKinex
  8. CuteFTP
  9. Classic FTP
  10. Dreamweaver
  11. EmFTP
  12. FlashFXP
  13. FTPCommander
  14. FTP Explorer
  15. FFFTP
  16. FTPRush
  17. LeapFTP
  18. Multi Commander
  19. SuperPuTTY
  20. sFTP
  21. WinSCP

Top Download Managers

  1. BitComet
  2. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
  3. EagleGet
  4. FlashGet
  5. Free Download Manager (FDM)
  6. Internet Download Manager (IDM)
  7. Mass Downloader
  8. Mipony Downloader
  9. Orbit Downloader
  10. uGet Download Manager
  11. Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)

Remote Desktop Apps

  1. VNC
  2. RealVNC
  3. UltraVNC
  4. TightVNC
  5. TigerVNC
  6. Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP)

Other Popular Apps

  1. Cisco Router
  2. DLink Router
  3. Juniper Router
  4. GoPro App
  5. MySQL Query Browser
  6. Windows Auto Logon Password

Wi-Fi Passwords

  1. WEP
  2. WPA
  3. WPA2
  4. WPA3

Credential Manager Passwords

  1. Generic Type Passwords
  2. Web Credentials
  3. Windows Credentials


XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline works on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Here are the specific details,

      • Download Package Size: 8 MB
      • Software Size: 1 MB
      • RAM: 4 GB+ Recommended
      • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Note: Mobile/pads/non-windows devices not supported

How to Use?

XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline  is very easy to run directly without any installation as shown in video below

Here are the detailed usage options & examples

        XenAllPasswordPro.exe  [-a|-b|-d|-e|-f|-m|-r|-o|-c|-w|-h]  [report_file]

Recovery Options:
        -a      ALL Passwords
        -b      Browser Passwords
        -d      Download Manager Passwords
        -e      Email Client Passwords
        -f      FTP Passwords
        -m      Messenger Passwords
        -r      Remote Desktop Passwords
        -o      Other Apps Passwords
        -c      Credential Manager Passwords
        -w      Wi-Fi Passwords
        -h      Display this Help Screen

        filename.html   Report in HTML format (default)
        filename.csv    Report in CSV format
        filename.xml    Report in XML format
        filename.json   Report in JSON format
        filename.db     Report in SQLite format
         // Recover All Passwords to HTML Report File
         XenAllPasswordPro.exe -a passlist.html

         // Recover Browser & Email Client Passwords to CSV File
         XenAllPasswordPro.exe -b -e c:\passlist.csv

         // Recover Messenger, Downloader, FTP Passwords to JSON File
         XenAllPasswordPro.exe -m -d -f passlist.json

         // Recover Email, Remote Desktop & Other App Passwords to XML File
         XenAllPasswordPro.exe -e -r -o passlist.xml

         // Recover Credential Manager & Wi-Fi passwords to HTML File    
         XenAllPasswordPro.exe -c -w passlist.html

         // Recover Browser & Messenger Passwords to SQLite File
         XenAllPasswordPro.exe -b -m "c:\my test\passlist.db"

         // Show this help screen
         XenAllPasswordPro.exe -h

This is command-line application and need to be run from command prompt (cmd.exe) as shown below,

Below are simple steps to get started,

1. Launch Command Prompt (Start->Run->cmd.exe) on your system as Administrator
2. In the cmd prompt, move to the folder where you have copied it
   C:\cd c:\AllInOnePasswordProCommandline\
3. Now simply run it to see all the options & examples as shown above

Important Tip: If you get error creating report file then please run cmd.exe as Administrator or run it from the TEMP folder(such as %TEMP%) where you have full write access. This will also prevent unnecessary UAC permission prompts and lead to smoother execution.

Recover All Passwords from Local Computer

As mentioned above, you can instantly recover all your passwords by using simple command,

c:\XenAllPasswordPro.exe -a c:\pass_report.html

Here is the screenshot showing how to recover all your passwords from local computer.

Recover Passwords from Remote Computer

You can use XenArmor All-In-One Password Pro Commandline software to recover your passwords from any remote computer in network.

There are many free tools available which will help you to run your program on any computer remotely. We recommend using PsExec tool from Microsoft Sysinternals. You can download it from here

First you need to copy All-In-One Password Pro Commandline software (XenAllPasswordPro.exe) to remote computer.

Once copied, you can launch Command prompt (cmd.exe) on your computer and type following command

psexec.exe \\remotepc -u "username" -p "password" c:\XenAllPasswordPro.exe -a c:\report.html
Here \\remotepc is machine name or IP address of remote computer. 
Username & Password refers to login details of remotepc.

Once executed successfully, you can copy & view the password report (c:\report.html) from remote computer.

Password Report

XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline helps you to generate detailed report in HTML, CSV, XML, JSON or SQLite Database format.

Here is the sample of HTML & JSON based password report,

Automation of All-In-One Password Recovery

XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline  can help you to completely automate your password recovery operations daily or periodically. It can generate detailed report in CSV, XML, JSON or HTML format which can be used for future auditing or backup purposes.

Here are simple steps to automate All-In-One Password Recovery using Windows Task Scheduler.

1) Launch Windows Task Scheduler from Administrative Tools in Control Panel. Next click on “Create Basic Task” on right side panel as shown below,

2) On the Basic Task page, enter name as ‘All-In-One Password Recovery’. On next page select ‘Daily or Weekly or Monthly’ with appropriate Time settings as per your need.

3) Next on the ‘Action’ Page, click on Start Program and then enter command & arguments as shown below,

4) Finally click on Finish button to schedule the automatic All-In-One Password Recovery operation.

Version & Release History

Note: To get download link of latest update please contact our support team with your order details.

Version 4.0 (2020 Edition): 18th Feb 2020

Major 2020 release with support for recovering passwords from New Chrome browser (v80.0) with new master key based encryption. Also supports same from all other Chromium based browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, UC, Torch, Orbitum, QQ Browser etc.

Version 3.0 (2020 Edition): 12th Feb 2020

Mega 2020 edition supporting password recovery from 100+ Windows apps. Including Wi-Fi passwords, Credential Manager passwords, new apps like Microsoft Edge, Coc Coc, Comodo, Epic, Chedot, CCleaner browser, Outlook 365, LeapFTP, Multi-Commander, XDM etc.

Version 2.0 (2019 Edition): 26th Sep 2019

Major release with Lifetime Unlimited edition without any subscriptions featuring portable license

Version 1.0 (2019 Edition): 8th Jul 2019

First public release

Contact XenArmor

Have any more queries or need any technical clarification? Just write to us at and you will have response within 24 to 48 hours.

For more details visit home page of XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Commandline