User Guide – MAC IP Scanner Pro

User Guide - MAC IP Scanner Pro



XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro is the enterprise software to quickly find MAC and IP address of all systems in your network.

It’s swift MAC IP scan helps you to scan the entire network in just few minutes.

It also help you to save precious time by fully Automating your daily/weekly MAC scanning operations with all the scan results automatically stored to local database and view the same later on-demand.


Here are the main benefits for you,

  • MAC IP Lookup: find MAC & IP address of all systems in your network
  • Faster Scan: scan entire local network (256*256 Hosts or *.*.0.0/16) in few minutes
  • File Domain/IP List Scan: save time by scanning only known hosts from file
  • Power Tools: perform detailed analysis using tools like Ping, Tracert, RDP, FTP etc
  • Automation: schedule all your MAC IP scans periodically
  • Email Scan Report: get scan report delivered to your email automatically
  • Command-line Version: easily integrate in scripts or use in automation
  • Database Store & Auditing: auto store every scan results to database (no setup required)
  • Portable Settings: easily shift from one computer to another with portable settings
  • Scan Report: save/backup complete scan report in HTML, CSV, XML, JSON or SQLite file
  • Portable Unlimited Edition: run from USB disk without installation or activation
  • Supported OS: All Windows 32-bit/64-bit platforms (10/8/7/Vista/XP, 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003)


XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro works on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Here are the specific details,

  • Installation Size: 15 MB
  • RAM: 4 GB+ Recommended
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019, Windows 7/8/10.

Note: Mobile/pads/non-windows devices not supported

Tip: For better & faster scan performance we recommend using Windows server editions (Windows 2012, 2016, 2019 etc).


XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro comes with standard windows installer which allows seamless installation & un-installation.

Launch the setup file and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation as shown below,


You can uninstall it from the control panel or click on Uninstaller from installed location.

How to Use?

XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro is very easy to use. It helps you to easily perform Single Host, Network, File IP Scan with a click of button. Below are more details of each type of scanning operations,

Single Host Scan

This is helpful to perform MAC IP scan of Single host. Just select ‘Single Host’ scan and enter IP address or Host name and click on ‘Start Scan’ button as shown below,

Network Scan

Network scan helps you to scan your entire network to find MAC & IP address of all devices in your network. Enterprise & higher editions allow you to scan 256*256 Hosts (*.*.0.0/16) at a time. However personal edition allows you to scan only 256 Hosts (*.*.*.0/24) at a time

To perform Network scan just select ‘Network’ scan option in MAC IP Scanner Pro, next enter the IP address range and then click on ‘Start Scan’ button to begin the scanning as shown below

File IP List Scan

This feature (only in enterprise edition & higher) helps you to scan only listed hosts/systems (IP Address or Domain Name) specified in the file. This is very useful when you want to scan only known devices thus making the scanning operation faster and efficient.

For file scan, create a simple text file with each line containing one IP address or Domain Name. Then in MAC IP Scanner Pro, choose ‘File Scan’ from the top, then select that IP address list File to begin the Scanning operation as shown below,

Note: Current 2020 version allows maximum of 25,000 IP address or domains.

Right Click Menu Options

Right click context menu allows you to quickly & easily perform useful tasks in list after the completion of scan. It allows you to quickly copy host details, open shared files, rescan or launch tools for deeper analysis of remote host as shown below,

Note that Right click menu option is not available while scanning is in progress.

Settings – MAC IP Scanner Pro

Settings panel allows you to tweak various scan options including Timeout, Database & Email Notifications as shown below,

Timeout Settings

Here you can adjust various Timeout settings based on your target server locations (like local subnet or Internet)
For local subnet you can select option ‘Ping Each Host for Faster Scan’. Not recommended for scanning non-desktop devices or if ping is disabled. Also you can set the Thread count value for faster scanning as follows,

  • Select ‘Ping Each Host for Faster Scan’
  • Timeout for Host Detection: 200 ms
  • Maximum Number of Scanner Threads: 50

These are standard timeout values, you can increase or decrease as per your network speed & traffic conditions.

Database Settings

XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro offers seamless Database integration feature which automatically stores all the MAC IP scan information to local database for every scan. It is enabled by default.

To enable/disable Database feature simply check or uncheck ‘Store the result of scanning… database’ in the Setting dialog as shown above. If you have enabled Database then you can select the location where all the Database snapshot will be saved for each scan.

Tip: Command-line version uses these timeout & database settings automatically.

Email Settings

XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro 2019 edition offers new Email Notification feature which helps you to automatically get full report of scan in your Email immediately after each scan. This is very useful feature which can help you to fully automate your MAC IP scan using command-line version sending email notification.

To enable/disable Email notification feature simply check or uncheck ‘Send email notification…..’ in the Setting dialog as shown above. Once you enable it, you can set various Email settings and then click on ‘Test Email’ button to verify if the email is sent successfully or not.

Important Note: For security reasons we recommend creating test email account in Gmail (or similar) rather than using your personal/business account.

Also if you are using gmail account, make sure to switch on “Allow less secure apps” for your email account as explained here. Else Gmail will block sending email. Also Database Storage needs to be enabled for Email notification to work.

Here is the real example of Email notification of scan summary along with attached report

Tip: Command-line version uses these email notification settings automatically.

Note: This feature is available only in Enterprise & higher editions.

MAC IP Scan Report

XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro helps you to generate detailed MAC IP Scan Report in HTML, CSV, XML, JSON, SQLite format. On complete of scan, click on Report button and then select the Type of Report (HTML, CSV, XML, JSON,) from the File Save Dialog as shown below,

Here is the sample of HTML report of MAC IP Scan,

Advanced Feature – Automatic Storing of Database

XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro offers seamless Database integration feature which automatically stores every scan result to local database. MAC IP Scanner Pro uses independent Database (SQLite) snapshots to make whole process smoother and easier without the need for you to install or configure any third party Database software’s (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle)

For every scan, MAC IP Scanner Pro stores the complete scan details to the separate Database file. You can control various Database settings including the location where all the files are stored through Settings.

Anytime later, you can view entire scan report by just loading Database into MAC IP Scanner Pro. To load database, you can simply drag & drop file or click on “Open File” button and select the file as shown below,

This database store feature is very useful for Auditing and Automation of MAC IP Scan.

How to Use Command-line Version?

XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro Command-line version (available in Enterprise & Higher Editions only) helps you to fully automate scanning operation. It can also help you to integrate scanning in your scripts giving you greater power and flexibility.

Here are the detailed screenshots of different type of MAC IP Scan,




Here is the command-line options & examples

  • MACIPScannerProCmd.exe [-o output_file] [-h host/host-range | -f iplist_file]
  •  .
  • // Single host scan with HTML report
  • MACIPScannerProCmd.exe -o output.html -h
  •  .
  • // Perform Network Scan of 256*256 hosts with CSV Report
  • MACIPScannerProCmd.exe -o c:\output.csv -h
  •  .
  • //Append (-oo) output report to existing CSV file
  • MACIPScannerProCmd.exe -oo output.csv -h
  •  .
  • //Scan *.*.0.0/16 Hosts with XML report
  • MACIPScannerProCmd.exe -o c:\output.xml -h
  •  .
  • //Scan *.*.0.0/16 Hosts with SQLite database report
  • MACIPScannerProCmd.exe -o c:\output.db -h
  •  .
  • // Scanning List of IP Addresses from Input File
  • MACIPScannerProCmd.exe -o “c:\my reports\out.csv” -f c:\iplist.txt
  •  .

By default it will generate report in HTML format. You can specify csv, xml, json or db extension to output file to generate report in CSV, XML, JSON or SQLite format respectively.

Important Note:  Command-line version automatically uses the same Timeout, Database & Email notification options configured through Settings in MAC IP Scanner Pro GUI version.

Note: Command-line version is available only in Enterprise & higher editions.

Automation of MAC IP Scan

XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro Console Version helps you to easily automate your entire MAC IP scanning operation. Also since 2019 edition, you can also enable Email Notification to automatically delivery complete scan report to your email. Also for each scan, you can enable database store option to store all scan results to local database.

Here are simple steps to automate scanning process using Windows Task Scheduler,

1) Launch Windows Task Scheduler from Administrative Tools in Control Panel. Next click on “Create Basic Task” on right side panel as shown below,

2) On the Basic Task page, enter name as ‘MAC IP Scanner Pro Scan’. On next page select ‘Daily or Weekly or Monthly’ with appropriate Time settings as per your need.

3) Next on the ‘Action’ Page, click on Start Program and then enter command & arguments as shown below,

For more command-line options refer to MAC IP Scanner Pro Command-line Version section.

4) Finally click on Finish button to schedule the automatic Scanning operation.

Note that before you schedule, configure the Timeout & Database options through MAC IP Scanner Pro Settings.

Version & Release History

Note: To get download link of latest update please contact our support team with your order details.

Version 1.0 (2020 Edition): 20th Jan 2020

First public release of 2020 edition

Contact XenArmor

Have any more queries or need any technical clarification? Just write to us at and you will have response within 24 to 48 hours.

For more details visit home page of XenArmor MAC IP Scanner Pro