5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Password from Hackers

5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Password from Hackers


know yourself, know your enemy, and you shall win a hundred battles without loss

– Sun Tzu

Before you protect, you need to know why someone will be after your passwords.

No.1 reason is money
It may be some malware guy trying to make some money to get hold of your credit card/bank details

No.2 is to SPY on you
It can be your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, your competitor or may be your government 🙂

Now you understand why, here are 5 simple tips to help you protect your important passwords,

1. Never save your password in browsers or other apps

Anyone can see all your saved passwords in less than a second however complicated or long it may be. Any virus/malware/ransomware/hacker can get it easily then send it back to owner for dinner. And your next day morning breakfast won’t be tasty 🙂
Make sure you regularly check for any saved passwords.  You can use our Browser & Email password software to see all your saved passwords in browsers & email clients. You can free download it from here ( Browser Password Recovery Pro & Email Password Recovery Pro)

Once recovered, it will also help you to selectively remove your stored passwords  as shown in video below,

2. Save your passwords in Firefox

If you have to (because they are many & complicated too) then use Firefox and set Master Password.

It has two advantages, first is no one can get your password unless they break your master password which cannot be decrypted but only done with bruteforce approach.

Second benefit is that you can easily transfer your saved passwords in Firefox from one laptop (even non-bootable) to another. This is not possible with Chrome because it uses user level encryption.

3. Setup recovery email/phone for main accounts

This is very important. If you haven’t done so, please set Recovery Email & Mobile for your all main accounts. Because you will never know when the enemy strikes or when you may forget your password. And make sure your Recovery Email account has different password.

4. Make sure to Logout from Gmail, Facebook

These days most websites allow you to login once and keep the session alive even after you close browser and open it later. So be careful to logout from Gmail, Facebook etc after you use it on device which may be used by others.

5. Don’t use same password for all important accounts

We all end up doing it. But at least set different passwords for all main accounts like gmail, facebook, bank/finance websites.


At the end of the game, one has to lose. Make sure its not you

There is more…We will share more password secrets & tips in coming posts. Do let us know what you think about it.



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