How to Recover Saved Passwords in FFFTP

How to Recover Saved Passwords in FFFTP

This research article exposes the password secrets of FFFTP – one of the popular FTP clients. It shows all interesting details including where all your FTP passwords are stored, how it is stored and how to recover it automatically.

FFFTP Password Secrets

FFFTP stores all your FTP login passwords at following Registry location


Below this Registry location, separate registry key (with name “Host0”, “Host1”, “Host2” etc) is created to store each FTP site data.

Here is the exported Registry data for one of the FTP site “Host1”

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Here “HostName”, “UserName” & “Password” registry values refers to FTP server, username & encrypted password respectively.

Password field contains 2 parts separated by ‘:’. First part contains IV data (except first 2 characters) and second part is encrypted password.

FFFTP application first generates encryption key by performing SHA1 hash of the Master Password and two static magic texts. Then this key along with above IV data is finally used to encrypt the FTP password using AES-256 algorithm.

How to Recover FFFTP Passwords Automatically

Here is simple way to recover all your FFFTP passwords without worrying about where it is stored and how to decrypt it.

You can use our FTP Password Recovery Pro software to instantly & easily recover all your saved FTP login passwords from FFFTP as shown in video below,

Here are the simple steps to recover all your saved passwords,

  • Step 1: Download & Install FTP Password Recovery Pro from here
  • Step 2: Next launch the software on your computer
  • Step 3: It will automatically discover, decrypt and display all the saved FTP passwords as shown below
It can also recover FTP passwords from custom profile locations, portable FTP clients & external drives

For more details, please refer to Online User Guide


Hope this article has helped you to understand password secrets of FFFTP. Please comment below on what do you think or if you have any queries.



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