Password Secrets of Popular Messengers

Password Secrets of Popular Messengers

Did you forget or lost your messenger password?

or are you looking for password details of your favourite messenger?

If so then you have come to right place. In this research article, you will learn the password secrets of top 15+ instant messengers such as GG, GTalk, Skype, Trillian, Nimbuzz, Paltalk, Marinda etc.

For each messenger, we will show you, where they store your passwords & how to recover them in case you forget your password.

Password Locations of Top Messengers

Here is the list of popular messengers along with encryption algorithm, password storage type & password file location used by them.

Note: For more technical & password recovery details, please click on Application name (Eg: BigAnt) below

Messenger Encryption Type Password File Location
Beyluxe Messenger Custom Registry HKCU\software\beyluxe messenger\[user_name]
BigAnt Messenger Custom File (XML) c:\users\[user_name]\documents\antsys\globalset.xml
Digsby IM Custom File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\digsby\logininfo.yaml
GG Messenger AES-256-CBC File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\gg\profiles\[email_address]\prefs.js
Google Talk DPAPI Registry HKCU\software\google\google talk\accounts
IMVU Messenger Plain Registry HKCU\software\imvu\password
Instantbird SHA1/3 DES File (JSON) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\instantbird\ profiles\[random_name]\logins.json
Miranda IM Custom File (SQLite) C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\Miranda\ [profile_name]\[profile_name].dat
Miranda NG Custom File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\miranda ng\ [workspace]\[workspace].dat
MSN Messenger DPAPI Registry HKCU\software\microsoft\identitycrl\creds
Myspace IM DPAPI File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\myspace\im\ users.txt
Nimbuzz Messenger SHA1/DES Registry HKCU\software\nimbuzz\pcclient\application
Paltalk Custom Registry HKCU\software\paltalk\[account]
Paltalk NG Custom Registry HKCU\software\a.v.m.\paltalk ng\common_settings\core\ users\creds\1
Pidgin Messenger Plain File (XML) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\.purple\ accounts.xml
Skype MD5/AES-256 File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\skype\[account]\ config.xml
Spark IM MD5/3 DES File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\spark\
TeamSpeak Custom File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\ts3client\ ts3clientui_qt.secrets.conf
Trillian DPAPI/XOR File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\trillian\users\ global\accounts.dat accounts.ini
Windows Live Messenger Plain File windows credential manager
Yahoo! Messenger Custom Registry HKCU\software\yahoo\pager

Note: For more technical & password recovery details, please click on Application name

How to Recover Password from All Messengers

If you ever forget your messenger login password, now you can easily & instantly recover your password without worrying about where it is stored and how to decrypt it.

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Using this software, you can recover passwords from top 15+ Messengers like GTalk, Paltalk, Spark IM, Trillian, Windows Live Messenger etc

It can also recover your IM login passwords from portable messengers & external drives

Here is the quick video showing you how to recover IM passwords from local as well as external drive,

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Hope this article has helped you to understand where different instant messengers save your passwords & how to uncover them. Please comment below if you have any queries or suggestions.


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