Enterprise Products & Solutions

XenArmor offers state of the art products and solutions empowered by its decade long experience in making hundreds of FREE softwares that makes us stand apart from any of our competitors. Our unique range of enterprise products not only promise to solve the challenging problems but also growing security threats faced by today’s computing industry.


NetCertScanner Enterprise Edition

NetCertScanner (Network SSL Certificate Scanner) is the enterprise software to scan & manage expired SSL Certificates on your local network or internet. It’s swift SSL Certificate scan powered by ‘Host-Port Multiplexed Multithreading’ technique helps you to scan the entire network in just few minutes.

    Here are the key features & benefits

  • Swift Multi-threaded SSL Certificate¬†Scanning Operation
  • Detect any SSL based Service using Brute-force Scan
  • Smart SSL Certificate Analysis of Expired/Self-signed Certificates
  • Automate Scanning of Expired SSL Certificate
  • Detailed SSL Certificate Scan Report in HTML/CSV format


Releasing Soon

Wi-Fi Security Wizard

protect your wireless network from hackers

Advanced Spy Scanner

detect stealth agents running on your system

Network Attack Armor

protect your network against well known attacks

Universal Password Kit

One software to recover all type of passwords

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Customized Security Solutions

Our decades of experience tell us that no solution is perfect. That’s why we offer customized solutions that allows you to request for special features or new software for your organization. Below is the flow of process on how it works.


First we understand requirements of your organization



We start the design work for your software with you



Next we do full testing with private releases to you at every stage



After successful testing, finally we deliver & deploy your software