Password Secrets of Popular Web Browsers

Password Secrets of Popular Web Browsers

Everyday we use browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera to visit all our websites Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Apple etc. Often when we login to these websites, our username & passwords are saved by the browsers so that we don’t have to type it every time.

In this research article, we will show you how & where each of these browsers save your passwords & how to decrypt them in case you forget your password.

Password Locations of Top Browsers

Here is the list of top browsers & their encryption algorithm, password storage type, password file location.

Browser Encryption Type Password File Location
360 Browser File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\360se6\user data\default\apps\loginassis\assist_2.db
Apple Safari DPAPI File (XML) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\apple computer\preferences\keychain.plist
Avant Browser AES-256-ECB File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\avant profiles\.default\formdata\forms.dat
Baidu Spark Browser File c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\baidu\ spark\userdata\[guid]\autologin_v2
Brave Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\brave\login data
Chrome DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\google\chrome\user data\default\login data
Chrome Canary Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\google\chrome sxs\user data\default\login data
Comodo Dragon DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\comodo\ dragon\user data\default\login data
CoolNovo Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\maplestudio\ chromeplus\user data\default\login data
Falkon (QupZilla) Plain File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\falkon\profiles\ default\browsedata.db
Firefox SHA1/3 DES File (JSON) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\mozilla\ firefox\profiles\[random name].default\logins.json
Flock Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\flock\user data\default\login data
Internet Explorer DPAPI Registry hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\internet explorer\intelliforms\storage2
Maxthon Browser AES-256-ECB File (JSON) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\maxthon5\users\ guest\magicfill\mxpwd.dat
Microsoft Edge Windows Vault
Opera Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\opera software\ opera stable\login data
Orbitum Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\orbitum\user data\ default\login data
QQ Browser (Tencent) DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\tencent\qqbrowser\ user data\default\encryptedstorage
SeaMonkey Browser SHA1/3 DES File (JSON) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\mozilla\seamonkey\ profiles\.default\logins.json
Sleipnir Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\fenririnc\ sleipnir\ setting\modules\chromiumviewer\default\login data
SRWare Iron Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\chromium\user data\default\login data
Tor Browser SHA1/3 DES File (JSON) c:\users\[user_name]\desktop\tor browser\browser\ torbrowser\data\browser\profile.default\logins.json
Torch Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\torch\user data\ default\login data
UC Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\ucbrowser\user data_i18n\default\uc login data.
Vivaldi Browser DPAPI File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\vivaldi\user data\default\login data
Waterfox Browser SHA1/3 DES File (JSON) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\roaming\waterfox\profiles\ 4t2edf0y.default\logins.json
Yandex Browser AES-256-GCM File (SQLite) c:\users\[user_name]\appdata\local\yandex\yandexbrowser\ user data\default\ya login data

Note: In the above list, please replace c:\ with your operating system drive and [username] with your windows user name. For Windows XP/2003, replace the application data folder as shown below,

[Application Data folder]

[Windows Vista/7/8/10]

[Windows XP]
C:\Documents and Settings\[user_name]\Application Data\

[Local Application Data folder]

[Windows Vista/7/8/10]

[Windows XP]
C:\Documents and Settings\[user_name]\Local Settings\Application Data\

How to Recover Password from Browsers

If you ever forget your password, now you can easily & instantly recover all your passwords without worrying about where it is stored and how to decrypt it.

XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro software can help you recover all website login passwords with just a click of button as shown below,

Here is the quick video on how to use this software,

Using this software, you can recover all type of passwords including email, social network, website login passwords from 20+ popular browsers.

For more details & download, please visit XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro

How to Remove Saved Passwords

If your computer is shared or used by other people then it is important to remove or protect your saved passwords so that others cannot recover it. Also note that any virus/malware/adware/ransomware running on your computer can easily steal your passwords too.

So it is important to periodically check and remove any of these saved passwords or set master password (Firefox, SeaMonkey etc) to protect it.

In such cases, you can easily delete your passwords using XenArmor Browser Password Pro (Enterprise Edition). It can help you to quickly discover & selectively delete saved passwords from most browsers with just a click of button.

This way you can prevent & protect your important passwords from being stolen by other users or any malicious apps running on your computer.

For more details & download, please visit  XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro


Hope this article has helped you to understand where different browsers save your passwords & how to uncover them. Please comment below if you have any queries or suggestions.


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